What I'm Riding: Kevin Braun

Today we are stoked to sit down with Kevin Braun at the infamous Waller Street Ledges for our latest installment of "What I'm Riding"! In this series we will be rapping out with your favorite members of the SC squad and dig in to their current setup to learn all about what is currently under their hood. What size board does Kevin ride? How long do boards last for Butter Braun? Where does the 'Drumkit' graphic come from?! All of these questions and much much more are answered in Episode 5 filmed by Brendan Bill!

Kevin's Setup:

  • 8.25 in x 31.8 in Kevin Braun 'Drumkit' Everslick Pro Model Deck
  • 8.25 Krux K5 Trucks
  • 54mm 101a OJ Wheels EZ Edge Shape
  • Solid Black MOB Grip
  • Bronson Ceramics
  • FTC Allen Hardware

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