Santa Cruz Skateboards Cruisers & Longboards

Santa Cruz Longboards & Cruisers

We design long lasting skate cruisers and longboards with quality components. Get ready to cruise!

Our large selection of beach & street cruiser skateboards are extremely maneuverable, compact, made with high quality components (trucks, wheels & bearings). Your new favorite travel companion, perfect for commuting comfortably to work, to the beach & make any rough surfaces feel smooth on your skateboard!

Need for Speed? Checkout our longboards for downhill and high speeds, Santa Cruz high quality longboards are the best choice for racing, transportation, and riding with friends. Our long skateboards are designed around stability, smooth rides, through quality trucks & wheels for the best carving & powerslides on all surfaces. Our longboards are available in different shapes: Pintail for cruising, freestyle & carving, as well as Drop Throughs for speed and downhill.