Santa Cruz Snowboarding

Santa Cruz Snowboards

SANTA CRUZ Snowboards design safer products with resource efficient technologies and processes. Our snowboards are built from many different components. We ensure that processes and systems are environmental friendly, conserving energy and natural resources. Production standards for workers are safe and healthful. Valuing longer term consequences and benefits for nature and workers over short term profit.
Using Poplar and Paulonia that has been harvested responsibly from well managed forests that are continuously replenished and ensures that there is no damage to the surrounding environment, or to native flora and fauna.
Topsheet and Base material are recyclable and marked by a high degree of scratch resistance, to reduce abration and protect the mountains from pollutant particles.
To create sustainable products, it is not enough to look only at the manufacturing process of a snowboard. The entire life cycle of the product must be included in designer R&D evaluation to specify all components and materials from an environmental perspective. The aim is to conserve sesources and preserve the regenerative capacity.